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 from Abbe Faria till Vikram Patel

As we draw the curtain on May, we’re reminded about Abbe Faria, the founder of Hypnotism. In fact, 31st May will be the 259th birth anniversary of this world pioneer. His work and contribution have been acclaimed in Europe, Russia and the USA. But how do we project and acknowledge our very own Goan hero and philosopher-scientist, while commemorating this occasion?

Born in our land and nurtured in this soil, Faria’s seminal work is restricted to our recognition of his statue in the capital city – Panjim, a road in Margao bequeathed to his name, a Psychology Department in a college named in his honor, and a primary school in Candolim, which bears his name. If this is the best we know about Abbe Faria, isn’t it time to set the details and facts right?

To deepen the awareness about the work and achievements of this great Goan, a workshop is being organized by the Psychiatric Society of Goa in collaboration with International Centre Goa. Relevant details are given below:


         Date: 30th May 2015 (Saturday)

          Timings: 2.00 pm – 6.30 pm

          Venue: International Centre Goa



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          Objectives of the workshop:

          1. To deepen the awareness about the work and contribution of Abbe Faria

          2. To have an overview of Mental Health in Goa and to think of possibilities to strengthen

              positive Mental Health in the State.



Participants: Psychiatrists and prospective practitioners, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Hypnotherapists, Teachers & academicians, Counselors & Special Educators, NGOs & Social Workers, interested graduate & post-graduate students of Psychology (including Clinical Psychology & Counseling Psychology), Sociology, History and allied disciplines, together with socially concerned and committed members of the community in the State of Goa.






Features of the Workshop:

·         A Power-point Presentation:


·         “Let’s bring back our Hero – Abbe Faria”   

by Maryann Lobo  D’Mello
  Consultant – Psychosocial Development
      ·         The Mental Health scenario in Goa by Dr. Anil Rane MD

·         Providing Positive Mental Health: Work

           and interventions of Dr. Vikram Patel

by Dr. Abhijit Nadkarni MD

·         Engaging our Counselors: Sharing of

           experiences in the field

Moderator: Dr. Ashish Srivastava MD

·         Networking: A prerequisite to providing

      Mental Health care




There is no Registration Fee.   Interested persons are invited to register at the earliest.


Registration: 8308155205 (Maryann Lobo D’Mello)
  9822128392 (Dr. Rajendra P. Hegde)
  9765404391 (Program Manager – International Centre Goa)


We look forward to your active participation and support.




(Dr. Ashish Srivastava)                                   Dr. Rajendra P. Hegde MD & Maryann Lobo D’Mello

Secretary                                                                                 Workshop Coordinators

Psychiatric Society of Go




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2.00 pm     Registration Shruti Phaldessai (Counselor)
2.30 pm     Welcome & Introductory Note

Psychiatric Society of Goa

2.40 pm     Lighting of the lamp 

Chief Guest: Prof. Isabel Santa Rita Vas
  Guest of Honour: Dr. Vikram Patel MD

    President –Psychiatric Society of Goa

    Secretary     "                       "


Workshop Coordinator - Dr. R.P. Hegde MD

Harshada Dhumaskar (Counselor)

Archana Kurtarkar (Student MA I –Counseling Psychology)

2.50 pm    Session I - Presentations  

2.55 pm    Power-point Presentation on Abbe


Presenter:  Maryann Lobo D’Mello

3.25 pm    The Mental Health scenario in


Presenter: Dr. Anil Rane MD

3.45 pm    Providing Positive  Mental Health:

                Work & Interventions of

                Dr.Vikram Patel in the State

Presenter: Dr. Abhijit Nadkarni MD


4.15 pm    Highlights & Concluding


Rapporteur: Dr. Belinda Viegas Muller MD
4.25 pm    Address by Chief Guest Prof. Isabel Santa Rita Vas

4.30 pm    Session II – Counseling in Goa

                A brief introduction

Prachi Khandeparkar - Sangath

4.35 pm    Engaging our Counselors: Sharing of  experiences

                 (1. The Counseling situation at a

                       personal level;

                  2. Problems faced in the field;

                  3. What ails Counseling in the State;

                  4. Suggestions, if any).

Workshop Coordinator
5.30 pm    Collation & Presentation Rapporteur

5.40 pm    Wrapping up the workshop:


                 1. Workshop focus

                 2. Action – what needs to be done now

                 3. Possible collaboration by forming an

                     association/organization in the State               

                     (For example, Association of Mental


                 4. The need for Networking.

                     Concluding remarks


Dr.Ashish  Srivastava MD
5.55 pm    Vote of Thanks                 Dr. Winona Fernandes MD
6.00 pm    Fellowship Tea & Networking  



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Bipolar  by Dom Martin

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Catatonia by Dom Martin

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